A multitude

A multitude of people who talk but do not listen, perhaps because listening means being aware and understanding, and understanding means to be involved and “complicit”.
It’s very easy to talk, you just give air to your mouth and sounds come out that can easily be modulated and sequenced. There are people really skilled in this: they emit very fast sequences of words every day, continuously; they just get in touch with another human being and … sbam!!! An avalanche of words. Talking is easy.
Listening instead is complicated. It is so for a multitude of people, ever larger, growing in the world. A world that, let’s not forget, is globalized nowadays: a global “multitude” in the world that is not listening to each other.
How did the gift of listening be lost? It’s maybe because of a cultural lack? Or it is growing a new global culture that teaches you not to listen and to listen to each other?
We can listen to each other through the ears that are the natural instrument to do such a thing and the words heard can take two meanings, only two: technical and necessary words, or words that slip to the heart.
I know, it seems obvious. It seems. I try to explain better: it is obvious to those who are listening, for those who are still aware, for those who have turned on a light.
Luckily, people who are already listening are many, but they have to touch others and “turn them on” to the listening. Many others, multitudes. If the multitudes listen to and understand each other globally, their goodness comes to them.
We must quickly tune in a multitude never seen before in the world to listen to words of peace and love. Everything that is humanly feasible must be done to ensure that the multitudes listen to good words and not bad words.
This for, as long as a multitude is turned off, it can also be directed towards different, opposite paths: towards hate and evil paths. The multitudes should listen and understand words like “I want to live in a world that’s good and positive to and for everyone, in peace and love.” Human and not economical values are the basis.
If the good and conscious multitude, the one awake and knowing how to listen to, could count itself it would realize that it is an immense crowd in the world and that it has an unlimited power, inclined to goodness and happiness for everyone. At least to dignity and respect of any living form, plant or animal.
And as in a game, as soon as you get in touch with an element of the multitude, you become immediately part of it, because you open your ears, listen and the words you hear go to your heart.
It happened to me. One day I listened.
I was not and I’m not a saint. I simply did not listen to because the SELF was stopping up my ears. It took care of the theater of everyday life and always changed its mask, always appropriate to the circumstance, always perfect, according to what it was needed in the moment. But if you take away the masks and stay yourself forever, the world, your known world, crumbles and slowly disappears. But if you have listened, you have opened the door of your heart and life.

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