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What I express with my art is the eternal struggle, which has always existed, between the material and the spiritual.
In some ways between evil and good.

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What I express with my art is the eternal struggle, which has always existed, between the material and the spiritual. In some ways between evil and good.
Art is not material.
I am constantly working on this path, forever.
Everything else, what happens during the creation of the artwork and afterwards around the work, is “pura vida”, for better or worse.
The spirit manifests itself and becomes visible, becomes tactile, through the material; in order to communicate to people’s heart. I am the instrument, a bridge of communication, an intermediary used to communicate.
My inspiration, or spiritual voice, comes from far away and never leaves me.
I was 16 years old when I had a motorcycle head-on collision. I died on the ground for several seconds, I was sucked up, away and then sent back down to live again. That moment changed my life, if it can be defined mine. Hurled unwittingly in the world of art.
The art of jewel, the adornment for excellence, the sculpture of noble material such as gold and gems.
A giant world made of design, technique, precious materials, passion, all concentrated in a few centimeters, a few grams of weight and small volumes.
Distinct worlds inside each stone; always to explore and learn.
Unlimited spaces within the material. Colors and transparencies. Different hardness for each material with which we are in contact, but also different vibration and purity.
The actual purity that a diamond transmits is amazing as much as its toughness.
In the Mexican desert, under Real de Catorce, the voice adds visions. Aliens, forms of life not of this world.

What I saw became the “Welcome project”.
The voice forces me to realize what I saw. In the sculptural way most appropriate to me in that time.
Eleven works are born.
The main one represents the clearest vision, a spaceship lands on a support and an alien walks along a bright avenue towards me.
A sugar bowl with the main spoon and six other coffee spoons, the “Welcome”, the title.
Materials used were bronze, silver, six small rubies, wax, resin and cubic zirconia. One year the time elapsed to see it finished.
An act of faith. Not a goodbye but a see you at the jewelry world: you never forget your first love nor ever betray it.
From here on out I intend my works as jewels and I uproot from previous materials and constraints, but applying the same perfection in the technical execution learned in so many years of martial practice.
Now I have the artistic freedom. The common man is born, made of wooden. I am on the Alps and I am sucked in by the warmth that the wood emits. From metals and stones to wood. From cold to hot to the touch. For wood too, it is a matter of hardness. I fall in love with the Pinus Cembra wood. It’s soft, fragrant, small veins and diabolical nodes. It seems to carve meat. I want to be an ordinary man. Simple. Who doesn’t want any more to hear voices and trust, or to be always obliged to make.
At this point it becomes a matter of faith. I enter a “mystical religious crisis”. I am contemporary in my works. Again the spiritual voice. I have to listen to or not? I am insane or is simple inspiration???
I listen to the voice. It’s an act of faith in the voice. I write a letter to Pope Francis and I gift him the largest and most beautiful wooden work of the series titled “All with Francis”.
In the tranquility of the mountain closed in the studio and in myself, I begin a path of miniaturization of my sculptures, that brings me to the creation of the world’s smallest chessboard, carved with the naked eye.
It measures 0.7 x 0.7 cm, complete with the 32 chess pieces on it. A month and a little more to end it. Now I feel tremors and a burning sensation within me. I accomplished something that nobody in the world with the naked eye and without special tools could do. And in view of the fact that on this planet there have never been so many people, I think this is not a little thing.
Unfortunately again I don’t feel like a common, regular man…which has its own life apart of the constant and insane dedication to wave hands to let off some steam inside me.
Despite having no space and economic and instrumental means, my art does not stop anyway.
My artistic trajectory leads to the true demonstration that art is not a material phenomenon, much less instrumental. It’s a spiritual phenomenon that some possess and experience. They have to. They can’t help it … it is not a simple will.
My inner voice that manifests in sculptures and artworks, I think it wants to communicate through them to the world that love and compassion must be considered priority needs to all living beings.
I give myself body and soul to microsculpture to the naked eye. I carve on the tips of pencil, the graphite cylinder of 2 mm diameter within the drawing pencils. No wonder that even the graphite have different degrees of hardness.
To me it is like stepping into another time/space dimension, another world. As if something is taking possession of my body. Sucked inside the matter, I get lost. Such a great energy transferred on such a small sculpture. What represents more, in the form of sculpture, the inaccuracy of the relationship between space and time? What is considered less material than a pencil tip?
It amazes me how my existence has come to this: a reverse process. Let me explain better: from diamonds, to pencil tips! Surprise!!! Inside a diamond, considered pure, there may be as imperfection an inclusion of coal, graphite! A small black dot (which can be seen with a 10-magnification lens) that determines the degree of purity.
It’s like I am sculpting something sublime and pure. Something that few can see in this way.
Something approaching the contradiction, like sculpting nothingness, emptiness. My jewels are my sculptures. My diamonds are my pencil tips.
As an artistic performance in 2016 I sculpt 14 pencils depicting a small man sitting on the tip of a pencil and I give them to as many world-class personalities of the world of contemporary art, gallerists and international critics.
The title of the performance is “HELP ME IN THE NAME OF ART”.
From diamonds to pencil tips, I have devoted 26 years of my existence, a long way, my only trajectory, forever.
One design, one mission.